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Disk Thresholds slider missing on HP Agents

Recently I had a little problem getting my HP Agents to display the Percentage Space Used disk threshold slider under the File System Space Used section.  Turns out that the disk threshold slider control is a Java application and thus you need to have JRE installed in order to use it.   Although it’s a pretty quick fix to install JRE to make it work, I wouldn’t want to install JRE on all my servers just to see the slider.

A few alternatives

  • Install JRE on your HPSim management server and just RDP to it to load the agents and manage disk thresholds (Mind you, if you are using HPSim you are likely using HPSim to globally push out disk thresholds, but it is still good to verify).
  • Only install JRE on the desktops that you use to manage your servers via the web agents (Either directly via the System Management Home page, or the HPSim Home page.
  • A last alternative is to set the agent to “Threshold Text Mode” in the SNMP & Agent settings page.  This removes the slider and just uses text boxes to set and display disk thresholds.

One other caveat to using disk thresholds is that you need to have a Read/Write community string to be able to set thresholds.

Hope that helps.


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